Intelerad Offsite Reading & Reporting

Facilitates enterprise agility by providing a seamless and enjoyable reading experience from any location

Enhance coverage through remote reading

Designed to excel in complex, multi-site environments, Intelerad uses optimized image routing and advanced streaming technology to rapidly distribute cases to radiologists across the enterprise, regardless of where they are located. By facilitating remote reading, the solution enables imaging enterprises to provide 24/7 final interpretations and raise quality by engaging the most qualified radiologist, regardless of where they are located.

A consistent user experience from any location

Leveraging a web-based architecture, Intelerad provides a seamless reading experience for radiologists working across multiple locations. Whether they are reading from different facilities across the enterprise or a home office, the solution provides a consistent workflow and user interface, as well as rapid access to all relevant patient data (including priors) that they require at the time of interpretation.

Maintain performance across the enterprise

To enhance enterprise efficiency, Intelerad enables all radiologists to read from the same system. It also incorporates modules to balance caseloads and measure performance across the enterprise, which drive individual productivity and facilitate a culture of continual improvement.

Easily Expand Operations

Intelerad allows imaging enterprises to maintain a centrally located PACS, while deploying InteleViewer to the location(s) of their choice. This allows imaging enterprises to easily open new locations – nationally or internationally – without compromising performance at satellite locations. In addition, when mergers and acquisitions occur, the solution can be used to bring all radiologists onto the same PACS system before data migrations between archives commence.

New! Intelerad Assignment Engine Module

Optimizes enterprise performance by automating case assignment and worklist prioritization

Intelerad Assigment Engine Module - Automated case distribution

Automated case distribution for optimal performance

Intelerad’s Assignment Engine removes the guesswork by automating case assignment across the enterprise – adding pending cases from across the enterprise to the most suitable radiologist’s worklist. This is accomplished using a pre-determined sets of real-time variables, which includes the reader’s availability, subspecialty, workload, location and more.

Intelerad Assigment Engine Module - Increase quality, enhance productivity and gain insight

Increase quality, enhance productivity and gain insight

In addition to raising quality by routing cases to the most appropriate subspecialist, the Assignment Engine enhances productivity by balancing caseloads across the enterprise. In addition, balanced caseloads also provides insight into staffing needs while helping enterprises meet internal benchmarks and service-level agreements.

Intelerad Assigment Engine Module - Prioritized worklists drives efficiency, maintains SLA compliance

Prioritized worklists drives efficiency, maintains SLA compliance

For radiologists, automated case prioritization eliminates the amount of time that radiologists spend between reads determining which case needs to be read next, which enables them to complete more reads per shift and provide patients with their diagnostics in less time.

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IntelePACS Breast Imaging

The breast imaging capabilities you need, without the dedicated workstation.

Integrate Tomosynthesis Support

Adding to the existing mammography workflow and viewing environment, the new Tomosynthesis module eliminates the need for dedicated workstations by enabling radiologists to pull 2D and 3D mammography studies from multiple systems directly into InteleViewer.

By maximising the use of existing infrastructure, the module enables practices to open new revenue streams by expanding their breast imaging offerings, which can be a key differentiator in today’s highly competitive market.

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Incorporating Tomosynthesis Into Your Breast Imaging Offerings

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Turn Data Into Results

To extract and intelligently leverage meaningful business data metrics from large volumes of information allowsorganizations to optimize business operations and provide higher quality services with more transparency.

Intelerad Analytics

Intelerad Analytics is an enterprise software solution that provides real-time data to business managers, chief radiologists and operational staff through customizable and interactive dashboards and reports, powerful metrics and alerts that measure performance and identify bottlenecks or delays.

Built into the InteleConnect® Referring Physician Portal, InteleConnect Patterns is an optional service that provides radiology groups with valuable insight regarding their base of referring physicians. In analyzing the geographic, behavioral and acquisition data provided by InteleConnect Patterns, radiology organizations gain a competitive advantage and a deeper understanding of where most of their referrals come from.

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