RSNA 2013 - Are You In?


Intelerad is excited to welcome you to a brand new booth at RSNA, number 2165, in Hall A of the South Building.

RSNA 2013 Floor Map

Floor map

Intelerad Booth #2165

Intelerad Booth at RSNA 2013 - Virtual Visit

Intelerad Solutions

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Take control of your practice's performance

Intelerad Analytics helps optimize performance across the organization by providing comprehensive, real-time metrics regarding your practice's operations. A new module, Intelerad Analytics provides business managers, chief radiologists and operational support staff with instant access to relevant information and eliminates the need to compile and cross-analyze big data. Available from any location, Intelerad Analytics allows you to make sound decisions in a timely fashion, ensures you are compliant with your different service level agreements and helps you get the most from your organization's resources.

  • Save time and become more agile with automated dashboards and reports
  • Raise your practice performance and attract new business
  • Foster productivity and radiologists utilization
  • Increase your quality of service

Key Features
  • Real-time and interactive reports
  • Mobile-friendly (HTML5), web-based portal accessible from anywhere
  • Pre-defined templates library and fully customizable reporting capabilities
  • User profile management allows you to tailor dashboards and reports for executives and business managers, radiologists and key operational staff
  • Automated report generation and delivery

Pre-defined Business Intelligence Metrics
  • Radiologist productivity (RVUs, study volumes; turn-around times...)
  • Quality Assurance (peer-review and image quality review metrics)
  • Departmental workflow (patient journey/time-line...)
  • System level data (study volumes; data volumes; performance metrics...)

Analytics interactive reports

Analytics Charts

Achieve More

IntelePACS® is a highly scalable distributed radiology solution that drives the performance of imaging professionals in clinics and hospitals alike. Combining secure communications and compression technology, IntelePACS allows users the freedom to report studies from any location. Robust yet easy to use, IntelePACS provides integrated Multi-Method Reporting workflows, advanced 3D functionality and visualization, 64-bit processing in the solution’s viewer to boost power, and native support of sub-specialty reading with optional breast imaging and image fusion.

A web-based platform designed for business continuity and quality patient care, IntelePACS® ensures image and data integrity, high-availability, and performance – anywhere, anytime, and for any case. When combined with InteleRIS or integrated with another RIS solution, IntelePACS provides the critical technology backbone for the radiology enterprise.

To maximize productivity, IntelePACS integrates seamlessly with InteleViewer, which provides radiologists with an efficient workflow that increases productivity, fosters collaboration amongst staff and with referring physicians, supports best quality management practices, and improve patient care and the InteleConnect® Referring Physician Portal.

Key Features
  • Native support of sub-specialty reading with optional breast imaging, 3D advanced visualization, and image fusion
  • MMR Module offers Flexible reporting options, including embedded voice recognition and structured templates
  • Intuitive viewer is optimized for remote reading with advanced layout protocols for current and prior studies
  • Tight integration with InteleConnect for results and reports distribution
  • Seamless integration to third-party solutions
  • Proven integration with leading industry RIS, HIS and EMRs
  • Industry-leading customer service and support


New in 4.8.1

  • Enhanced Image Fusion Capabilities
    • Simultaneous comparison of up to four PET/CT or PET/MR datasets
    • Storage and retrieval of prior measurements
    • PET auto-segmentation for rapid determination of lesion volumes
    • Lesion tracking using RECIST and PERCIST criteria
  • New Workflows in Multi-Method Reporting
    • New dictation mode includes more flexibility in template creation with template editor, allows to create and manage centralized library of dictation templates at organization or individual levels, allows self-edit and signing reports
    • New transcription workflow provides transcriptionist with a transcription worklist including filtering and parking options, quick text with keyword shortcuts, chat with radiologist feature. Upgrades synchronized with InteleViewer updates.
    • Enhanced "send to editor" worklist for M*Modal, new "send to transcriptionist" now includes audio and text
  • Technologist Tools
    • Customizable worklist allows to configure views by room, status, modality, location, day...
    • Patient alerts provides view of check-in times and allows to directly assign technologists
    • Notes function to increase communications between technologists and radiologists
    • Single-view validation list allows to check images have associated orders
    • Patient history shows past procedures and allows to filter by relevancy
  • High Availability for Web Services
  • CPU I/O Monitoring
InteleConnect Patterns

Gain insight into your referrers' use of InteleConnect

An optional service built into the InteleConnect Referring Physician Portal, InteleConnect Patterns provides radiology groups with valuable insight regarding the behavior of your referring physicians. For executives and business development managers, the solution provides a deep understanding of where your most valuable referrers are located, what technology they are using, and how they navigate the InteleConnect Referring Physician Portal. For marketing managers, Patterns reflects the effectiveness of campaigns and incentives programs. With InteleConnect Patterns, your practice moves ahead of the pack.

Real-time data keeps your fingers on the pulse of your business
  • Analyze usage of your referring physician portal features
  • Develop regional strategies based on geographical referral performance
  • Adapt your strategy to mobile device adoption and usage

Key Features
  • Dashboards and Intelligence Events: Display and monitor changes in traffic patterns such as a referrer’s average visit duration, bounce rate, site visits, page views and more.
  • Flow Visualization Reports: View and analyze the path that visitors take on your site – from entry right through to exit. See where they came from, the pages they moved through, and where they exited your site.
  • Behavioral Data: Analyze data regarding the number of new vs. returning visitors to your portal; the frequency of referrers’ visits; how recently referrers have visited; the amount of time spent in the portal per visit.
  • Geographic Data: Better understand your referrers' audience, from the city they are located in to the language they speak.
  • Site Content: Learn which of your pages are most popular - from landing pages through to exit pages.
  • Acquisition Data: Gain a deeper insight into your portal traffic that lets you rank your direct and referral traffic sources.
  • Technology Insights: Know which operating systems and browsers are used most to access your portal, including the percentage of site visits from mobile devices and the type of devices used.

Global Traffic and visits from Mobile devices

Global Traffic and visits from Mobile devices

Behavior Flow by pages and events

Behavior Flow by pages and events

Get to know where your business is coming from and keep your fingers on the pulse, in real-time.

Press Release

New: Features coming up in InteleRIS 8.224

  • New: Mammo Reporting Module

    Designed for clinics who perform breast imaging procedures, the InteleRIS Mammo Reporting Module boosts efficiency of clinic support staff. By providing a comprehensive set of Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) worksheets, the module allows for patients to be tracked efficiently, ensuring that no patient falls through the cracks. Fully integrated with InteleRIS, the module allows staff to easily book follow-up appointments, print results letters, print letters to physicians and enter pathology data.

    Key Features
    • Tracking and Protocol Workflow
    • Detailed BI-RADS worksheets
    • Stores detailed patient history
    • MQSA Reports
  • Enhanced Scheduling Features
  • Complete and Hold function for technologists
  • Patient-Signed Outside Prior Requests
  • Import PDF reports from outside systems via HL7

Press Release

To be previewed at RSNA

Come preview and provide your feedback on the InteleRIS Scheduling Portal that we are currently working on.

Scheduling Portal for Patients and Referring Physicians

Designed to simplify the scheduling process, the InteleRIS Scheduling Portal allows patients and physicians to easily manage appointments online. While driving physician productivity, the solution also increases patient engagement, allowing them to view previous appointments, book or request an appointment, and fill out dynamic screening interviews prior to arrival which saves time at check-in for both patients and technologists.

The portal can also drive additional revenue to your clinic. Not only does it help expand your customer base as patients and referrers are looking to book everything online, it also cuts administrative costs related to bookings as your booking clerks will book fewer appointments by phone.

Key Features
  • Patient Portal
    • Request or book appointments online
    • View booked and/or requested appointments (with link to interview)
    • View/edit personal details
    • View past appointments
    • Dynamic screening interviews for clinics to get forms filled in by patients ahead of time
    • Access to past history, including reports
  • Physician Portal
    • Request or book appointments online
    • View booked and/or requested appointments
    • Link from InteleConnect to request/book appointments
  • Strong authentication for patient and referring physician access to the portals (access is granted by the clinic)
Image Fusion

New dimensions of quantitative care

IntelePACS® Image Fusion module provides a viewing breakthrough in oncology care by enabling advanced quantitative tracking of patient lesion histories across different modalities. Fully-integrated into your reading and reporting workflow, the module enables the interpretation and review of multimodality images, including PET/CT, SPECT/CT and PET/MR, from any InteleViewer™ workstation in your organization.

For clinicians in hospitals and specialty centers, Image Fusion provides the ability to compare patient PET and CT studies and share results from one streamlined workflow. Designed to increase productivity and quality of reads, Image Fusion automates instant image registration, segmentation and side-by-side comparisons for quantitative tracking of patient lesion histories across different modalities. The solution also offers a suite of powerful interactive visualization tools and one-click collaboration for referrers, accessible from anywhere across the enterprise using InteleViewer.

Key Features
  • Multi-Prior Manager for fast, convenient setup of side-by-side comparisons
  • Improved Quantification Tools offer faster, more accurate reads, with auto-segmentation and calculation
  • Hot Spot Index provides SUVs that allow the user to clearly see the target anatomy, combined with a list of measurements on the MIP image
  • SUV Measurement eliminates the need to repeat prior measurements
  • Referrer Atlas allows user to save key findings for the referring physician, as a clear PDF infographic, or as new image series in IntelePACS
  • Central role-based provisioning and enterprise-wide access

  • Faster Comparisons: Intuitive comparisons with fast and automated registration of hybrid images, with a multi-prior manager, layout manager and hot spot ‘measure once’ indexing.
  • Quantitative Care: Review patients' evolving quantitative history across synchronized images and measurements of follow-up visits. Clinicians can visualize lesions using max SUV volumes to highlight responses to treatment and precisely adjust care plans.
  • Full Modality Support: Support for all hybrid modalities, including support for standalone systems (ie standalone PET and standalone CT, PET/CT and standalone MR and CT)
  • Enterprise Availability: Provision and access Image Fusion easily to users across distributed environments. Users can read hybrid images within their regular diagnostic environment, for a single integrated reading and reporting work?ow

New in Latest Version
  • Simultaneous comparison of up to four PET/CT or PET/MR studies, with automatic registration of priors
  • Storage and retrieval of measurements on prior studies
  • Lesion tracking using RECIST and PERCIST criteria
  • Autosegmentation of PET CT images for rapid determination of lesion volumes
  • Tools for automatically registering and saving standalone CT and MR series with existing PETCT studies



Intelerad will host a private, by-invitation-only, customer appreciation night in the Grand Staircase of the spectacular Art Institute of Chicago on Sunday, December 1st. Guests will experience an exclusive viewing of the largest Impressionism collection outside of France.

It should be a memorable night of art, networking, music and food.

The Art Institute of Chicago



The editorial staff of RBJ will announce this year’s list at an award ceremony, taking place during Intelerad’s Customer Night on Sunday, December 1st.

Some of Intelerad’s Customers Appearing on Last Year’s Radiology 100 List



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